The Love Of Money IS The Root Of All Evil 

About Us

Flip O’Hara, 45 is a rich businessman who made his fortune creating profitable electronics company from scratch. While he and his wife, Brooke 35, reside in San Clemente, CA. His partner Lil’ Mikey Kawalski, 70, a fast taking hustler with a short fuse. commutes from New York To Encino taking care of his high profile ophthalmology business that service famous celebrities. FLIP,a real suave actor type has been challenged by a dark side in that he is having a hard time shaking his surf skate lifestyle and his loyalty has become suspect with his partners and questionable wife
Brad Lozano, 50, Flip’s lifetime homie from the beach now informs Flip that a crypto currency deal, he, Flip and Mikey engaged in has just gone bust and is labelled a total scam and their collective $100,000 investment has been lost.
Not far away in Beverly Hills, Tracy LeBlanc, 40, a hollywood producer and gold-digger, reveals to her roomie, Lauren Grasso, 35, that unlike Flip, she just hit a moon shot in crypto trading and now is set for life. But trouble is near for all our characters because the lure of money and sex appeal of the risk of this underground game now becomes the main theme of the plot.
Enter Keith Adams, 25, your typical spoiled handsome and angry liberal who has been handed a crypto wallet full of coin from his billionaire father, Bryan who Lives on the Water in a 20 Million Dollar Mansion with his other son, Blake, a total teenage misfit. Keith learns very quickly being a bully has it’s own disadvantages when a goofy looking “hacker” named Sammy decides the Adam boys and their insult need to be equalized once and for all. The story is very real and very entertaining. The old saying “money is root for all evil” has never been better said.
It’s a fast moving hard driving splash with gorgeous back drops of Orange County’s coast, New York and Beverly Hills. Crypto Heads will turn many heads and that’s a promise.